You can´t force improvement

July 17th 2019

By Matt Hill
Categories: Athlete Resources

You can´t force improvement

Podcast by Steve Magness and Jonathon Marcus

It appears most of you enjoyed last weeks interview of Daniela Ryf – it shows that even those at the top end of sport have highs and lows and need help every now and then to enable potential to be realised.

This week’s podcast talks about the need for patience and taking a long-term view when looking at athletic development. Wisely titled,

You can’t force improvement”:

Yes, a few of you will have had this sent to you as individuals over the last year or so but listen to it again! Refresh your memory and assert the believe in your training approach and direction. This is something we (Martin and I) do regularly – relisten and reread things that we believe to be worth revising; you should see our library of books and our hard drives full of ebooks, studies, notes, etc!

If it works, it works! Reminding ourselves of the things that do work every now and then is good for continued development.

Make note of what Magness and Marcus say and look to 2020 and beyond!