Featured Testimonials

  • 5th February 2020

    I was fortunate enough to attend a Masters Of Tri swim camp hosted by coaches Matt and Martin on 1st and 2nd Feb 2020. Their coaching style is very engaging and the presentation materials used very clear and straightforward to understand, particularly important for a novice like me.

    Both coaches respond well to questions and genuinely strive to support those attending get the most out of their training sessions and individual performance thereafter.

    Excellent, very experienced coaches. Get along to a session!

    – Alan Stonebanks
  • 5th February 2020

    I have attended two of their training camps in Montrose, on both occasions they always come across as very professional. They stick rigidly to their principles and give you confidence that you can, by using their training principles, easily achieve your goals. They are approachable and give freely of their time. I can 100% recommend the Masters of Tri from personal experience and through talking to others who have experienced their training sessions from beginner to athlete.

    – Jacqueline Scholfield
  • 7th February 2020

    Montrose Tri Club Swim Camp 2020 Matt and Martin observe closely, advise clearly and have helped me greatly.

    Good simple consistent advice that works!

    – Mary Anderson
  • 7th February 2020

    Phenomenal swim camp, highly recommend.

    My fears surviving front crawl in terms of technique and distance in a tri are gone. I’ll not create any spoilers, try it out for yourself. I’ll also be transferring the training/effort principles into other activities. New routine is already in place and it’s so much more enjoyable!!!

    Thank you Matt & Martin!

    – Mo Douglas
  • 15th February 2019

    Enjoyed this amazing swim camp of Masters of Tri!

    A lot of fun, a lot of new things learned and a very nice stay at hotel Bonalba in Alicante.

    – Isabel Bleyen
  • 12th February 2019

    Just returned from a swim weekend -amazing learnt so much.

    Highly recommend for anybody who wants to improve.

    – Sharon Preece
  • 2nd December 2018

    If you only go to one triathlon training camp in your life, I would highly recommend Martin and Matt.

    I am a level 3 triathlon coach and head coach of a triathlon club and Masters of Tri ran a swim camp for my club. To say it was revolutionary would be an understatement. Even after one session, every athlete that I was observing had massively improved their stroke and was going faster. The technique taught is very simple and very effective and is one that we are now using at my club.

    If you want to get faster see the Masters.

    – Oliver Carter
  • 13th November 2018

    Masters of Tri – what a fantastic week from start to finish! 😂

    A perfect location to train and under the watchful eyes of two very experienced coaches with a genuine interest and passion in working with you to succeed in your goals no matter what level.

    The camp is very well structured and seminars are relevant and well delivered. An added bonus was the chance to meet fellow athletes and share experiences and knowledge and have some fun, would highly recommend and return.

    – Joanne Hilton
  • 11th November 2018

    I have now been on two swim camps (September 2017 and October 2018) as well as a triathlon camp at Easter 2018. I cannot praise Matt and Martin highly enough. They have found an excellent balance of theoretical training and practical coaching, which has provided me with material improvements after each camp. The facilities they use, as well as the local geography combined with the small groups make for excellent training sessions. I am already looking forward to visiting again next year.

    – Ian Baines
  • 4th November 2018

    “I attended the Tri escape camp from the 26th Oct – 29th Oct. It’s the first training camp ive ever been on and really enjoyed it. it completely opened my eyes up to the different ways to train. I found the swim coaching to be really useful and also strength sessions using a watt bike rather than just spinning the legs. I found the coaches Martin and Matt to be very positive and im hoping I can take all the tips into next season. I couldn’t fault the hotel and the food was up there with the best I’ve had in a hotel in Spain.

    Thanks Martin and Matt for all your help and advice”

    – Craig Chapman
  • 3rd July 2018

    Just returned from our second triathlon camp with Masters of Tri. Martin and Matt are excellent coaches and very nice people. They gave us a lot to think about, and gave us the skills to be more productive in our training once back home.At the start of the week, we were observed and advised how to develop as individuals in the sport. Subsequent training was then matched to our capabilities, and showed us how build in progression.The hotel was a superb base from which to train. Swim, bike and run sessions were close by. Food was really good and varied, and conversations over meals with Martin helped consolidate what we had experienced and learned during the day.

    Bespoke personal training that really hits the spot. We’ll be back for more!

    – David Abhams
  • 29th May 2018

    Just returned from a long weekend swim camp which I would highly recommend.


    Learnt so much, Matt & Martin are extremely knowledgeable.


    The hotel and food was great and the training facilities available were excellent.


    The Camp has breathed new life into my swimming and given me a well needed motivational boost. Already thinking about returning for a Tri Camp, early next year.

    – Sara Sheppard
  • 26th May 2018

    I attended a Tri-training camp in May 2018 with the goal to improve my swimming technique mainly.

    I enjoyed all the sessions which are run mostly at low intensity, but what really makes the difference are all the tips and advices given by Matt and Martin.

    Thanks guys, highly recommended!

    – Andrea Manzoni
  • 20th May 2018

    I found the Masters of Tri triathlon camp in Alicante, Spain, excellent. It surpassed my expectations! The training volume is perhaps on the low side but learning is incredibly relevant and helpful. Simple yet innovative way to learn how to have more fun training and meet ones objectives at the same time! On top of that great way to socialize and meet fellow athletes from the UK, Switzerland and Sweden to name a few.

    – Sam Gb
  • 21st May 2018

    I had an amazing time at the training camp.

    It exceeded my expectations and I am loving the swim strokes that I have been taught to enable me to progress in that discipline.

    Thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to get great quality training and assessment!

    – Rachel Edwards
  • 7th May 2018

    The ‘Tri-Escape Weekend’ surpassed my expectations.

    Martin’s actionable changes to all 3 disciplines have given me much to improve on and have inspired me to reach for more out of the sport generally.

    The assessments are thorough, the atmosphere enjoyable and the location perfect.

    Highly recommended!

    – Adam Harrison
  • 7th May 2018

    Martin and the Masters of Tri team surpassed all expectations. Everything from the organisation and booking to the training was top class.

    Martin’s knowledge and techniques transformed the way I think about triathlon and the way I swim, bike and run. Each discipline was broken down and retaught, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum energy loss.

    I can not recommend Masters of Tri enough.

    – John Fox
  • 12th April 2018

    I was new to the sport of triathlon however with a solid background in athletics and I really enjoyed / highly recommend this bootcamp.

    The 3 main reasons: –

    The tailor made coaching

    The well planned scheduling of the training load

    The simplified / efficient approach to teaching new techniques

    On the personal side Martin and Matt are really nice people easy to get along with.

    – Hans Montlouis-Calixte
  • 28th November 2017

    The Long Weekend Swim Camp in November 2017 offered a well balanced mix of pool and open water training focusing on many different methods and techniques. As a newbie in swimming in a group of more experienced swimmers, this weekend was an eye opener to me, but I felt really relaxed and comfortable. The most important achievement was the analysis of the swim technique and the very personal, detailed advises for improvement. The non-stop availability and knowledgeable support of Martin and Matt as well as the excellent accommodation made the weekend to a very pleasant and valuable opportunity to learn and improve my triathlon swimming skills.

    – Pieter D Man
  • 7th November 2017

    Thank you Martin and Matt for a fantastic TriEscape long weekend, setting me firmly on the path towards my 2018 goals.

    Such a confidence booster, with really sound and valuable guidance plus an innovative yet so logical approach to triathlon training.

    I loved it and am happy to recommend the experience to any triathlete at any level.

    I’ll be back for more!!!

    – Jill Buckenham
  • 31st October 2017

    Last week I visited the Triathlon Training Camp in Alicante in order to get a better understanding of how to train and how to improve my technique in the different areas of the sport.

    Martin and Matt have by far exceeded my expectations. They really made me understand the Triathlon sport vs training for 3 separate sports. They have a fantastic commitment and I would highly recommend anybody interested in Triathlon to enroll for a camp.

    – Wladimir Lütschg
  • 21st May 2017

    “The long weekend swim camp was a wonderful experience. Martin is a fantastic coach whose video analysis gives every insight needed to improve dramatically. Location is ideal for gaining open water confidence. Very well run, lovely hotel and food – can’t recommend this camp highly enough.     Thank you Martin, Linda and Matt for a great time.” Ireland

    – Olivia Connolly
  • 17th May 2017

    “I have just returned from the weekend swim training camp with Martin and I am feeling so much more confident about my swimming now. It was quite an intense weekend with little relaxation time but very well worth it. I was lucky enough to share the weekend with 2 other lovely attendees so we had lots of individual attention. I would be very happy to return in the future for the tri camp or even another swim camp.” –  UK

    – Sara Colvin
  • 14th May 2017

    “What a fantastic long weekend swim camp! Great coaches, loads of knowledge shared, lots of new exercise routines to incorporate in my training. Above all a superb atmosphere and organisation. Thank you so much for everything Martin, Matt, Linda! Georgios-Belgium” – Brussels

    – Georgios Mantzakos
  • 10th May 2017

    “Just spent the last week with Martin and Matt on a “Triathlon training camp”. I am a novice to the sport and found it excellent. I learnt So much in a short period of time and both Martin and Matt provided a great insight into ways of improving. Would recommend for any person who wants to improve regardless of their ability.” – UK

    – Freddie Trueman
  • 8th May 2017


    “Just spent a very productive week with these guys. As an experienced AG athlete I still learnt loads of great stuff in all three disciplines plus more nutrition. A total enriching experience that I’d thoroughly recommend for any level of triathlete willing to want to ‘learn’ how to race fast.” – UK


    – Peter Cottington
  • 1st May 2017


    “The Masters swimming camp exceeded our expectations. 4 of us went down there, of different abilities and commitment to the sport. But this was no problem at all. The level of training was just right, lots of swim technique, and new training methods. The video analysis in the afternoons was just awesome. The land work (core, mobility, etc.) was super useful too. The pool is well suited for the training we did, and it had almost no chlorine. The hotel and food were great too. Can’t recommend this enough. Looking forward to going back.” – Vienna, Austria

    – Mike Doyle
  • 1st May 2017


    “Martin and Matt organised and delivered the Masters Swim training week with a very high level of professionalism and skills, imparting precise, specific and relevant advice, while remaining approachable, personable, amiable, perceptive and accommodating – exemplified by their attentive reception to our humour many would find trying. The hotel accommodation lived up to its 4-star superior grading, with friendly staff and plentiful, high quality catering. I recommend TTS to Masters swimmer of all levels without any reservation.” – UK

    – Bing-Hua Kuan
  • 1st May 2017


    “Had a brilliant week of training and learned loads of stuff through the video analysis for the 4 strokes. Would highly recommend for any Masters swimmers who want to improve their swimming. Martin & Matt are very experienced in their field and know exactly what to look for when it comes to giving advice for improving swimming technique. They also both have attention to detail, and leave you with a good bunch of resources tailored to your needs.” – UK


    – Eric Fewster
  • 1st May 2017


    “ Martin and Matt were both very professional and dedicated. They adapt the training and coaching to each individual levels and made it very relevant for me. I don’t think it could have been better!” – UK/Belgium

    – Ben Beauve
  • 19th February 2017

    “ I went for the long weekend swim camp with a little hesitation as a relative newcomer to swimming. The weekend went beyond my expectations and the different levels of the small group were easily accommodated by the personal attention of both Martin and Matt. Time around the sessions was laid back but the committed coaches were always on duty for advice on everything from rest to nutrition and beyond.” – Japan

    – John Clarke
  • 27th January 2017


    “After 4 days of coaching I certainly felt like I went back to the UK with a number of effective drills and sessions to work on in order to improve my technique. Over to me now to ensure there is an improvement before I book a refresher camp!” – UK


    – Claire Harris
  • 4th December 2016


    “Brilliant 4 days of swim training learnt a lot about my flaws (things i had never considered) and some great (but simple) follow-ups now to put it into action. Martin has a great manner and I fully expect to come back for another camp. Also had a session on run drills with Matt also to be recommend. The Facilities are great.” – UK


    – Derek Wells
  • 24th October 2016


    “The Intensive Swim Clinic was very insightful, and extremely good value for money. The clinic offers dedicated swim coaching and mobility/conditioning appraisal for very small groups, so lots of 1-to-1 coaching and advice. The hotel, catering, swimming facilities and locations available for the sessions were fantastic. Post-clinic follow-up and support has also been very impressive.” – Gibraltar


    – Robert Matto
  • 19th October 2016


    “Within an hour of arriving in Alicante the training began, which was of the highest quality. This standard continued throughout the entire duration of the camp, and the content of the presentations, together with the advice I received is something I will always utilise in my training in the future. It was an incredible experience, and something I will never forget. Thanks guys!” – UK


    – Peter Taylor
  • 26th October 2015


    “Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the fantastic weekend, I learnt a huge amount about my swimming and will be working hard over the coming weeks to put it all into practice! Please thank Linda again for her wonderful cooking and hospitality, it was much appreciated! You will certainly be seeing me again sometime next year and I’m now feeling tempted to get back on the bike and try triathlon again (!!)” – Valencia

    – Jill Buckenham
  • 14th July 2014


    “As a relative beginner to the sport of triathlon, I needed to improve my swimming in particular. The swim smooth clinic was the perfect way to do so, and I also picked up a lot of useful tips for triathlon along the way. The relaxed setting was perfect to forget about everything other than improving my swimming. The hospitality and home cooked food were amazing, and warrant a visit alone! I came away far more aware of how to eat healthily and fuel my body correctly for training/racing. A great balance was struck between instructing on technique and giving people the awareness and tools to improve their technique once the training camp was over. All in all, thoroughly worthwhile, and I look forward to my next visit to see my progress and improve further.” – Paris / London

    – Ian Williamson
  • 6th July 2015


    “Great place, great teaching, great food – you can relax and train at the same time….you get wonderful meals, but you do not put on weight 🙂 teaching and training is very personal, you are helped in and within your personal strengths and weaknesses – no comparison or any desperate effort needed to “reach” something….whatever that could be…but you personally fell rich and motivated and simply great even after only a few days – thanks a lot to linda and martin!”- Italy

    – Ursula Pulyer
  • 29th June 2015


    “ Martin is a great coach with a precision eye to detect the faults in your stroke and the knowledge to work with you on how to fix it, which he does in a gentle and assertive way. Linda’s home cooked food was marvellous and the time spent at home was very relaxing. I’ll certainly come back! Many thanks for your hospitality and professionalism! 🙂 The Netherlands”


    – Luis Repas
  • 31st January 2015

    “The five (05) days Swim Smooth intensive Swimming Clinic near Alicante was fantastic as it was rightly balanced between working hard during pool and open water sessions and enjoying time off, with lovely food, relaxing environment and great overall company. Ideal for winter sessions for its climate and open water training. Hard work in a relaxed environment with excellent food prepared by Linda to support a fantastic experience. Will certainly return for an update at some point. We have no hesitation in recommending the clinic to anyone wanting to improve, refine their swimming technique with Martin’s professional expertise and passionate dedication to detail. Video analysis is paramount for anyone wanting to get results in such a technical discipline as swimming. Thanks Martin & Linda”- Italy

    – Alex Espinosa
  • 19th January 2015

    “Absolutely amazing swim clinic, fantastically well organised with a steedy flow of information and bits of down time. The video analysis was amazing and has made a huge difference to my swimming as the explanation from Martin made total sense. The exercises again are explained as to why you are doing them and how they will help the whole swim stroke. Linda and Martin welcomed us into their home with comfortable clean warm rooms and the most amazing food!!! I have already done several of Linda’s recipes. Again the timing of the talks/feedback just worked to perfection. We were soo happy with the Clinic that my friend and I have asked Martin to be our personal triathlon trainer and his programme bespoke to our different levels are provided weekly are the first programmes that I have even done that are realistic achievable and working….. Thanks again Martin and Linda” – UK


    – Karen O´Brien
  • 19th January 2015


    “What a fantastic way to start the year ! Martin’s training is quietly professional and targeted. It was a great weekend of good food, good company and great swim training. The training is very technique orientated so caters for a variety of abilities. Linda is a great cook and hostess. Highly recommended to kick start your year or hone your skills. Thank you.” – UK


    – Sacha Appleton
  • 28th November 2014


    “Nov 2014 – Top-level coaching and an impression that I know Martin as a good friend since many years. In addition, delicious and healthy kitchen. Linda could organise coaching on cooking in addition to triathlon coaching by Martin 🙂” – Lithuania

    – Rimas Jonas Jankunas
  • 23rd November 2014

    “Nov 2014 – I cannot fault the offering and quality of service that I received during the swim clinic, which I extended to include a Wattbike session and two afternoons of cycling. I left the clinic not simply with a great experience behind me, but a professionally recorded and narrated series of videos, as well as a breakdown of my British Cycling 3 MAP test. From the the moment I was picked up at Alicante airport to the moment I was dropped off, literally everything was taken care of.”- UK/Switzerland

    – Mike Mannion
  • 23rd November 2014


    “Nov 2014 – I’ve never been coached by such a good, experienced and dedicated swimcoach like Martin. The way he made me work on my swim stroke was inviting and promising. Instant result after the first day! Feeling wise and speed wise. I’ve asked Martin to be my coach during this season and I’m going back for a follow up. I believe the past three days has changed (the way I look at) my swim stroke, forever. Furthermore, the residence, the food and the hospitality Linda provided were outstanding. Thanks to the both of you!” The Netherlands

    – Alexander Vandevelde
  • 21st November 2014

    “I can’t give more than 5 stars otherwise I would have. I have learnt more in three days than in the past 20 years of (triathlon)swimming. Martin is a really great COACH and trainer. His personal approach, personality and of course his knowledge makes the different. I really consider to make Martin my personal (online) coach although I have a lot of experience and know how. The accommodation was spotless and the food was exceptional. Thanks Linda!! I come back next year.” – Netherlands

    – Stefan Janssen
  • 17th November 2014

    The real test of a swim camp like this is whether you would recommend it to others and if you would go back yourself. I can honestly say yes to both of these questions and would like to add that it surpassed my expectations. Martin has a very professional and non threatening approach which I am sure must bring out the best in all athletes, and the small group sizes ensure that the coaching is tailored to your needs. Staying in the family home with Martin, Linda and their 2 dogs was really relaxing and I felt really spoilt with all the lovely food that Linda cooked for us. It was as much a holiday as a training camp, even though we worked really hard! If anything is going to improve my swimming then this is it.- UK

    – Lou Oldridge
  • 25th October 2014

    had a great week, learned a lot and went home with a lot of inspiration to continue to work on my swim stoke. Thx Martin Thx Linda”- Roeland Smits, Pro Triathleet, facebook.com/RoelandSmits.eu

    – Roeland Smits
  • 12th October 2014

    We enjoyed a lot the swim clinic last weekend. We were very lucky to know a coach so professional and kind as Martin. We hope see you soon. – Espana

    – Andres Garcia
  • 3rd October 2014

    I can’t give more than 5 stars otherwise i would have. Expectations were completely satisfied in terms of Triathlon coaching, I learned more in 5 days than in the rest of the year. My swimming stroke had a dramatic change and I am aware of exact which areas to improve – Martin also provided the exercises and how to achieve these improvements on my own. Running drills, bike technique, exercises to strengthen core are also other examples of what I learned. On top of the bulletproof professionalism, I felt welcome at all times and part of the team, combining hard work with coffee/tea conversations and learning with Martin and the other athletes. It was the greatest training camp ever and I will return next year again to learn from Martin, seeking his coaching and mentoring – and to enjoy the best meals kindly cooked by Linda:-) A big thank you to everybody at Casa de Triatlo! – Switzerland / Portugal

    – Joao Paulo
  • 26th September 2014

    This is a special place. Further comments seem superfluous after the rave reviews here from others. If what you want is personalised, hyper-intelligent and sensitive help with your swimming then Martin is the person for you. A more assiduous teacher I can’t imagine. The intensive swimming week is an amazing package. Add Martins kind and careful son Matt who coaches alongside and who thoroughly evaluates your peculiarities and conditioning needs. Then Linda´s delicious perfectly judged meals, snacks and in-obtrusive care, all set in a delightful mountain environment. And like me you may wish you had lost your ticket home! There are too many pluses to enumerate from being  picked up at the airport, having any and all sports queries and anxieties warmly welcomed, the bright silent mountain skies. Go while you can – word is getting out about this wonderful place and since Martin keeps coach ratios so high (2 coaches to 3 swimmers on our week) spaces must be at a premium. – UK

    – Vanessa Pooley
  • 26th September 2014

    September 26, 2014


    This is simply fantastic and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I’m a competitive age group triathlete with a weak swim, I attended the intensive swim clinic with the specific aim of improving my swim performance and I succeeded. I can now swim, I also know where I was going wrong before, what I need to do to maintain and improve all that I learned and I’m looking forward to a hard winter consolidating my learning. I also received strength and conditioning training specific to swimming (and in my case, triathlon), I had my cycle stroke analysed on the Watt Bike and received some coaching around training within my heart rate zones; all incredibly useful. Over and above the performance coaching, the food is simply wonderful, a varied and healthy diet with tasty, nutritious food served up all week and hosted by genuinely nice people. Thank you – UK

    – Sandy Leggett
  • 26th September 2014

    What a nice way to spend a holiday – six days of intensive work on swimming technique! I brought home to Norway a lot of new input, and I`m still doing my strength and conditioning exercises and still swimming with at snorkel, very relaxed! My food doesn`t compare to Linda`s, though, her dinners were absolutely wonderful! Am recommending this clinic for my local triathlon club!- Norway

    – Anne Espedal
  • 9th August 2014

    I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first tri camp. Martin was an outstanding coach and his expertise, dedication and passion made the training exceptional, I just cannot tell how much I got out of it and the boost of confidence it gave me. Linda was a lovely host and her food was amazing. The location is just ideal for anyone considering a training camp abroad, the bike rides were on broad, quiet and scenic roads. The coached swim (both in the pool and open water) with the variety of equipment and the swim video analysis have so far made the greatest impact in improving my swim technique and I am very grateful. I would very highly recommend this training camp to anyone and I hope to be back soon! – Italy/UK

    – Paola Mozzi
  • 9th June 2014

    Martin achieved what I thought was impossible: he made me love swimming! Being a just above average Marathon BQT guy, had been avoiding getting into Triathlon because of my inability to swim without suffering. Had tried plenty of different approaches, was killing myself with dreaded useless workouts and in just 4 days not only Martin taught me just what I really needed but also I had a terrific time in a spectacular place. Last but not least, Linda’s (Martin´s wife) exceptional hospitality was complemented by her truly superb cooking skills. All in all, an experience I definitely recommend to any Triathlon candidate coming from a non-swimming background! – Spain

    – Eduardo Kehyaian
  • 9th June 2014

    I have had a wonderful swim training weekend. With the professional and personal guidance I have learned a lot. With all the tools I have been given and the motivation it gave me a huge training boost and I feel like a much better swimmer in three days!!. Because of the warm welcome by the hostess and her delicious healthy meals I also felt that I was on vacation. Are there disadvantages of this weekend … Yes sure … you have to go home again:) but I will be Back! – Belgium

    – Frances van del Moolon
  • 30th May 2014

    Just back from a great long weekend swim camp at Casa de Triatlo! Martin is an inspiring coach with the patience of a saint. We came away feeling more confident in open water and with improved technique. Most importantly we couldn’t wait to get back in the pool again once we got home! The schedule works really well and is achievable with Linda’s great cooking to keep us going! Thoroughly recommend it, we’ll be back! – UK

    – Laura Woollard
  • 12th May 2014

    Brilliant location, fantastic food, excellent swim coach, friendly dogs (x2), superb weather. What more can one ask for? Can’t thank Martin and Linda enough for making me so welcome. I felt as if I was part of a happy family and will definitely be back at some point! – UK

    – Wei Low
  • 12th May 2014

    A fantastic swim smooth swim clinic weekend with Martin and Linda. The daily schedule was a perfect combination of expert analysis and practice both in the pool and the clear waters off the coast of Alicante, followed by much needed refueling (wonderfully home cooked by Linda) and relaxation back at base. I left the weekend feeling revived and equipped to take my swimming to the next level. 5-stars. Can’t wait for my next visit – UK

    – Simon Booth
  • 12th May 2014

    A great all round training experience – one I look to doing again in the future and thoroughly recommend to anyone considering a weekend of coaching! – UK

    – Matthew Turega
  • 5th May 2014

    This was my 2nd Time visiting Martin and Linda and again a fantastic trip. Location is perfect with miles of trails to run and beautifully smooth roads to ride. Wonderful home cooked food, small training groups and homely accommodation makes the experience feel like a home from home. Coaching can only be described as excellent; Martin is a thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced coach who’s happy to adapt to your needs. Can’t recommend it enough! – UK

    – Iain Gillam
  • 25th April 2014

    What a fantastic week of training in great weather! Perfect cycling area with some great climbs. Fun a varied trail runs. Lovely swimming in the warm Mediterranean Sea! Overall an excellent build for my triathlon season – UK

    – Charlie Lawson
  • 13th April 2014

    I came from Canada for that fantastic camp. Martin is a wonderful coach, and he know’s how to help us to upgrade our training. We work very hard in the pool,and it definitively help me back home. Not enough running, i think it would be positive to add some more .The bike was incredible, mountains and mountains and the road are so nice. And Linda is taking care of our energy, the food is just amazing. I hope to go back at Alicante to do another camp with Martin. And we are just 4 people at the same time with one coach, so it is very individual – Canada

    – Louise Atkinson Clark
  • 12th April 2014

    April 2014 – super reception, super location, & super Coaching ! – Belgium

    – Geert Vermeire
  • 3rd October 2013

    Train like a Pro while you live like a King. That is the best way I can sum up my Casa de Triatlo experience. Detailed, 1-on-1 technical coaching is very hard to come by in this online world but it is doled out in spades by Martin. If the bulk of your swim instruction comes from YouTube, magazines, blogs and friends then you need to make a beeline for this clinic in Spain ASAP. You can save years of frustration and start to realize your true potential. Need I mention the setting, weather, food and overall fun-factor? How about the picnic we had on the beach after an open-water swim session in the Med? Martin and Linda have it all figured out; you will want for nothing and end up raving about it, just like me – Canada

    – Lance Mitchell
  • 15th July 2013

    Incredible week. Great rides, great runs, great food and the swim sessions were amazing. Can’t wait to visit again – UK

    – Andy Roberts
  • 15th July 2013

    Thank you for a great trip – brilliant food and quality teaching, achieved everything I wanted to! – NZ/UK

    – Andrew Scrimgeour
  • 24th June 2013

    Thanks for the coaching, your hospitality and delicious food. Post clinic feedback: Your coaching has really made a difference – after 2 training sessions with the team, with me focussing on my new ‘monster style’, I already feel that I swim faster while burning less energy! I had a great race in Granville this weekend…Very rough sea, difficult sighting for the next buoy… but it felt great! I finished number 8 of 30 in my age group… and first one of my team in 1hour 25min! – Belgium

    – Pieter Trethewie
  • 24th June 2013

    Thanks so much for a great swimming weekend, lots of good advice on improving my stroke – UK

    – Charlie Lawson
  • 17th June 2013

    I can’t think of a more pleasant way to spend a long weekend; beautiful, warm relaxed environment good company and excellent food in abundance – and this is not even mentioning all the good work in the pool and sea – Sweden

    – Marcus Reich
  • 17th June 2013

    Thanks for a wonderful long weekend camp – lots of wonderful food and some hard training! – Sweden

    – Jonas Rengensja
  • 17th June 2013

    Thanks for everything, it has been a really good experience from every point of view– Sweden

    – Felix Nolte
  • 8th June 2013

    We had a hell of a good time, learned a lot and surely ate all too well! – Spain

    – J J Gomez
  • 27th April 2013

    Its amazing what you can get out of one long weekend – in just 3 days we’re taking back some great adjustments to our training plans – UK

    – Fiona Christian
  • 15th April 2013

    Thank you again for a wonderful week – I learned a lot and feel incredibly inspired to continue my training, especially the swimming. We wouldn’t been able to do all the training without Linda’s excellent cooking – Sweden

    – Marina Andersson
  • 8th April 2013

    A superb time that will last in my memory. I learned a great deal and made some new friends too – USA

    – Tom Hollowell
  • 8th April 2013

    I had a really good time and to be able to swim and bike with a Tri-coach was pretty amazing – coaching was top drawer – food better than top drawer! – USA

    – Ken Moffat
  • 8th April 2013

    The schedule was intense but very good and I liked that we adjusted in real-time to add an extra swim session. The food was very tasty and very good variety. All excellent in terms of learning and enjoying – Israel

    – Itali Bricknes