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  • What qualifications do Martin and Matt have?


    • BTF Level 3 Triathlon Coach
    • Certified Trisutto Coach
    • Personal Trainer


    • Certified Trisutto Coach
    • IRONMAN Certified Coach
    • ASA Swim Coach
    • Personal Trainer
  • Can I select to be coached by either Martin or Matt?

    Yes, providing that your choice is available; to provide the best bespoke service, we limit how many athletes we coach and so if one of us is “full”, the other will provide your coaching.

    Masters of Tri coaches, Martin and Matt, are a team, and work together, advising and questioning as required to provide you with our best knowledge, you will get the best from either!

  • How do I enquire about coaching?

    Simply email either Martin or Matt, email address link here, for more information with no obligation. Before fully committing to anything we will send you a questionnaire and have follow-up emails and/or Skype or phone calls to fully understand your needs.

    We establish your goals, work and life commitments, current training levels and get to know as much about you so that we can develop the best programme that suits your needs.

  • How do I sign-up for coaching?

    The sign-up process is to simply purchase the coaching product required and this will take you to a secure payment link (using Stripe) where you can pay for as many months coaching you require – this can be done monthly or “in bulk”

    There is no minimum period of commitment and the coaching can be cancelled at any time. Athletes can also request their coaching to be placed ‘on hold’ should they wish to take a break by emailing us.

  • Are all sessions included in the training programme?

    Yes, all the details – duration, intensity, etc for all the swim, bike, run, brick, etc are fully covered for every session, every day and are presented weekly to allow feedback and adaptation as necessary.

    Sport specific strength work is primarily covered in swim, bike and run sessions with the use of swim paddles, hill sessions, etc, but if necessary, and if requested, mobility and strength sessions can be provided, again fully described.

  • I have been injured and have a re-habilitation programme, will this affect my training programme?

    No, not necessarily as we work with your physio to ensure we incorporate any specific re-hab work into the programme and account for any recommendations for what to do / not to do.

  • How are training programmes presented?

    Your training programme will be presented in Excel and emailed to you weekly or on interactive Google docs (changes needed due to your changing circumstances may be emailed separately). We will explain the content of the programme that will cover everything you need to know about how we will be developing your programme.

    For your programme to continue to help you improve, it is important that you provide feedback to your coach, and this will also be explained in the athlete information pack you will receive.

  • How are the intensities of sessions within training programmes presented?

    We can work with any tools you already have – heart rate monitor, power meter, etc. However, we prefer to help you to learn how to know your own body and how it feels to be doing the sessions we prescribe; the tools can be used to help you acquire this skill; i.e. using your own perception of effort.

    Tools are great, but can and do go wrong, learning how to control your body and effort, knowing when to hold yourself back and when to push hard, is an important skill that will help you far more than any electronic device which cannot consider your current condition, especially in a race situation.

  • How quickly should I expect to see improvements in my performance?

    This will vary depending on your current level of fitness, your training background, etc. However, most of your initial training will include a lot of aerobic training and you should start to see, and feel, improvements after a few weeks of consistent training. This will continue to be the case and, depending on the time of you have, your race schedule, etc we will introduce some harder training to build on your developing aerobic efficiency.

Coaching Stockholm

  • What services does Masters of Tri (Matt) provide in Stockholm?

    Matt hosts Masters if Tri coached sessions, 1-2-1 sessions and guest coaches at various Stockholm clubs. The MoT sessions are held weekly at the same locations, 1-2-1 sessions are arranged between the athlete and Matt, guest coaching depends on the club facility access.

  • How do I sign up for Matt’s Masters of Tri sessions?

    You can sign up to the sessions on this website, on the “Coaching Stockholm” tab. Alternately, the sessions can be found on the Masters of Tri event page on Facebook, which link back to the website for finalising the booking with a payment.

  • What level of athlete can join in with the Masters of Tri sessions?

    All levels of athlete can join in with the coached sessions. Matt and Martin have many years’ experience coaching a wide range of ages and abilities. The youngest being 10 year olds, the eldest being in their mid-70’s.

    Ability wise, they have coached complete beginners through to World Championship qualifying age groupers and a handful of Elite license athletes.

    All are welcome to join, have fun and WILL progress their performance.

  • How does Matt cater for different levels of athlete in his training sessions?

    Sessions are fully coached; Matt NEVER takes part in sessions other than to demonstrate movements. As a result, he can constantly assess each athlete and adjust the session to suit their individual needs.

    Athletes are not encouraged to compete against each other in training, emphasis on individuality and self-reliance is a large part of the Masters of Tri ethos.

  • Are the coached sessions conducted all year?

    Running sessions will be held all year, open water and swimrun sessions will be seasonal, held between June and October. In the colder periods, pool based swim training will be arranged.

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