Triathlon Camp

We are the Masters of Triathlon

We assess and notice those subtle, almost imperceptible differences that can change any triathlete’s performance.

We advise, inch by inch, to develop the athlete, building their strength and endurance, accelerating them towards their goals.

The best coaches don’t shout, they inspire, they keep it simple, they notice the little things that create great change and accelerate performance.

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Camps & Online Coaching


Masters of Tri camps – Triathlon Camps, Swim Camps, Bike Camps and SwimRun Camps – are fully coached, every session throughout the whole camp, and working to a tailored schedule. We create a relaxed environment that you will find conducive to both learning and enjoying your stay.

Each training camp has a limited number of athlete attendees to ensure a maximum coach to athlete ratio of 1:4; this ensures that the group sessions and discussions, as well as 1-2-1 discussions, will motivate, educate and challenge each athlete.

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Online Coaching

Masters of Tri online coaching programmes are suitable to meet the needs of all abilities, from novice through to elite. We provide full triathlon programmes as well as single sport plans for those simply wishing to develop their swimming, for example.

With our professional approach we know that for you to develop effectively we must support your lifestyle commitments and so are available 24/7 to answer your questions, adapt your programme, suggest alternative training, work with your health professionals if necessary, etc.

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14th May 2017

“What a fantastic long weekend swim camp! Great coaches, loads of knowledge shared, lots of new exercise routines to incorporate in my training. Above all a superb atmosphere and organisation. Thank you so much for everything Martin, Matt, Linda! Georgios-Belgium” – Brussels

– Georgios Mantzakos

10th May 2017

“Just spent the last week with Martin and Matt on a “Triathlon training camp”. I am a novice to the sport and found it excellent. I learnt So much in a short period of time and both Martin and Matt provided a great insight into ways of improving. Would recommend for any person who wants to improve regardless of their ability.” – UK

– Freddie Trueman