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£120.00 per month

Triathlon: Swim, Bike and Run

Masters of Tri

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Single Discipline

£55.00 per month

Swim, Bike or Run

Masters of Tri

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Two Disciplines

£75.00 per month

SwimRun, Duathlon

Masters of Tri

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Tailor-Made Coaching Programmes, No Limits, No Tier

Masters of Tri coaches, Matt, and Martin are professional, full-time coaches dedicated to helping their athletes, both online and attendees at training camps, get the best out of themselves. A key part of this is developing an understanding of the needs and aspirations of each athlete and a consideration their lifestyle commitments.

Our online athletes, novice to elite, each have a bespoke training programme that accounts for all of their individuals circumstances. We develop specific, functional, realistic and enjoyable programmes that can be adhered to and we encourage and request frequent feedback (as often as necessary) to allow us to adapt sessions where family, business, etc situations dictate; we are 100% available 24/7!

Our athletes ahave an athlete information pack detailed how their programme will develop to allow them to achieve their race objectives; this is proven to work with results that are taking athletes around the world to their own National and on to World Championships, over all distances.

We have an initial consultation, which involves the athlete completing a comprehensive questionnaire followed by emails and/or Skype calls as required to ensure we have a good understanding of the athlete, including the identification of short- and long-term goals.

An annual plan, the basis of the programme, and an outline programme is developed for agreement before commencing with the detail. We are looking to establish a programme that will become a consistent commitment to allow maximum progression (although we accommodate changes in circumstances as they arise and will re-design the programme).

A weekly customised programme is then fully developed and delivered weekly to the athlete. To allow us to dynamically adjust any sessions to meet the personal needs of the athlete we deliver the programme the week before it is due to be performed. All daily sessions are fully described and detailed along with their target duration and intensity.

We also provide:

  • Unlimited 24/7 contact with your coach (email, messaging, Skype, etc)
  • A discount for coached athletes to our training camps in Spain
  • A race strategy for major events
  • Adaptable programming – to your business / personal circumstances
  • Strength and conditioning as appropriate
  • Nutritional advice as required


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from previous clients to help you select a tailor-made online programme that is right for you


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