Workouts don’t matter as much as you think

December 10th 2019

By Matt Hill
Categories: Athlete Resources

Workouts don’t matter as much as you think

Podcast by Steve Magness and Jonathan Marcus

Each individual training session obviously matters, they all contribute to consistency and ultimate development. However, if things outside training change, limiting your training time or leave you physically and emotionally drained, how important do these sessions become in the grand scheme of your overall health and fitness?

M&M (Magness and Marcus) explain the topic from their point of view; below we (the other M&M team 😆), expand this, specifically in respect to how your health can quickly be compromised if you overreach and obsess:

You all know we want healthy athletes; not obsessed, overreaching and guilt-ridden shells of athletes! Training is not a linear progression and training programmes are just guidelines. There are so many influencers in life that alter our body’s state. For you to be healthy, and ultimately better athletes, you must control what you can and adapt to what you can’t.

This means realising that even though every session is important, it isn’t going to cause a tidal wave butterfly effect that will ruin the chances of achieving your goals. If you need to miss or modify a session to suit the given situation, then realise and accept that it is necessary and NOT a hindrance or failure.

Always put your health and wellbeing first, if missing a session is necessary for you to ensure your health is maintained, then so be it! Don’t let your ego compromise your long-term development for short-term “gratification”.

We all have egos; they are important and have helped us achieve many things throughout our lives. Ego just needs to be controlled – you know what we mean; the little voice that pushes you to compete with others, tells you that you are being lazy, fills you with guilt, makes you feel like you are disappointing others or letting people down, etc.

Control this voice and you will benefit so much more that worrying and pushing on.

You do the sport because you enjoy it – make sure you continue to enjoy it and stay healthy! What are your priorities?