Going Dark

November 4th 2019

By Matt Hill
Categories: Athlete Resources

Going Dark

Going Dark

Podcast hosted by Kenny Kane and Professor of Exercise Physiology at CSUF, Andy Galpin.

By now you have hopefully read part one of our processes article. We introduced how detrimental social media is to ALL modern humans – for aspiring sports people it can be really negative.

Not only does it create self-doubt, jealousy and envy, it also wreaks havoc on our hormonal system. Every post you see has an emotional and hormonal response, for every post YOU post, there are emotional and hormonal implications – as you anticipate and receive likes and comments. It takes time for your body to calm down after each spike; up to 45minutes per social media sessions!

The body’s reaction to social media is deliberate – the creators of the social media giants have employed psychologists to help create algorithms to keep us all interested and interacting with their platforms. To make them more money!

That’s not all… it’s not only do you need to think about your mental and hormonal levels, think about your time management!

Do you find that you are struggling to find time to do things – training, for example?

Why not check / monitor how much time you spend on social media platforms each day or week?

Remember, when you are training it is best to focus on what you are doing, how you feel, which muscles are working, etc as explained in the processes article, and not on your phone on social media.

We use iPhones, there is a built-in screen time monitor in the settings, we are sure android phones will have the same. Go to:

Settings → Screen Time → See All Activities

From here you can select to view Week or Day, then slide down a little until a bar appears that allows you to track previous weeks/days.

How many hours did you spend on social networking apps last week? Social networking includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.


Total social networking – 10hrs 4min

Most used social networking app – 7hrs 45min on WhatsApp


Total social networking – 16hrs 48min

Most used social networking app – 3hrs 10min on WhatsApp

What were your stats?