6 ways to prepare for 2019

December 29th 2018

By Matt Hill
Categories: Triathlon Training

6 ways to prepare for 2019

We wrote this article in 2018 for the 2019 race season. Our message is still the same for this upcoming race season!

As well as being a time for fun and celebration, the festive period is a great time for reflection and to prepare for the coming year. It is rapidly coming to a close, but there is still enough time to finalise the start to your 2019 journey!

Here are 6 ways to prepare for 2019 (mentally and physically) for the coming year:

1. Have a clean conscience over Christmas

Don´t feel guilty if you missed a few training sessions over the Christmas break – it’s not going to harm your long-term performance.

Conversely, you should feel guilty if you did train extra hard and start the new year tired and lethargic; your normal life (work especially) may well make things worse – resting and recovering are important.

2. Use the Christmas/New Year sales to your advantage

Look around at the various websites / local shops for products that you can’t normally justify buying! On the other hand, don’t buy things for the sake of it – sales should save you money, not be a reason to spend on more!

Treat yourself to a (some) new – but useful – “toys” to motivate training. Here are our suggested items:

  • Safety 1st – Are your safety features for training and racing in working order? While searching around the sites/shops look out for bike lights, head torches, reflective gear, helmets, etc
  • Swim – the right size pull buoy or buoyancy shorts so swimming becomes more FUN. Get yourself a bigger buoy if your legs tend to sink or look for a smaller one if your legs are currently lifted above the surface! Buoyancy shorts are great for added lift and while freeing up the legs for a more natural feel.
  • Bike – New fast and reliable tyres. Go for 25mm Continental GP4000 II’s, they are safe, durable (they may be expensive, but they last longer) and fast!
  • Run – An item of clothing that will make outdoor winter runs more comfortable. Gloves, neck tubes, wind / water proof jacket, etc

3. Try training in a new way

This point affects everyone, but especially those that have a few years’ training and racing under their belt. Out of all the ways to prepare, this may be the key to further progression!

How many seasons have you approached training in the same way and then wondered (or BELIEVED) you could have done better? Racing is such a small part of the whole journey, the time you spend training is the make or break aspect of triathlon. Maybe it’s time to try training in a new, smarter and, possibly, unorthodox way!

It’s still early enough in the season to make changes that your body will adapt to, if you are going to change approach NOW is the time.

4. Set / Proof your 2019 goals

Having already reviewed 2018 (hopefully?!) and chosen your new training approach, spend a little time setting and / or proofing your 2019 goals. Make sure the training route and processes are available to you and that the goals are achievable – make sure the goals are realistic.

5. Race / holiday abroad

Racing can be an expensive and stressful process (stressful with nerves and on your whole family). Sometimes it can be cheaper to race abroad, if you are able to tie in a family holiday you can save on money, more holiday time and earn “family points”.

6. Get back into your training routine ASAP

When things return to normal after the festive period – work, school starts back, etc – make sure you get back into the old  – or new – routine as soon as possible.

Take time to review your ability to stick to your training routine after a  few weeks, was it realistic? If you haven’t managed to maintain the routine over the last few weeks ease yourself back into it. Introduce the sessions but keep them slightly shorter and / or easier so you don’t begin too steep.

Wrapping it up

These 6 simple points will ensure you are prepared for the coming year and get the best start.

Which ways to prepare have you already ticked off, and which ones can you now work on?