Competing history:

During 2015-16 I completed a challenge in Sweden called “En Svensk Klassiker” consisting of a longer distance swim, run, cross-country skiing race and a cycling race to be performed within a 12 months period. During this period I was introduced to Triathlon and tried a Sprint as well as an Olympic distance race in Stockholm. In August 2017 I completed a half IM distance race in Tjörn, Sweden.

Your future goals:

My goal is to obtain a great level of fitness and health in order to be able to complete a full distance Ironman sub 11 hours

Which camp(s) have you attended:

I attended a one-week Triathlon camp in October 2017 at the Bonalba Hotel.

What do you enjoy about our training approach:

Your professionality and commitment to the sport and the coaching was very appreciated. You provided really good explanations for different concepts and there was also a great mix between theory and training.

Favourite sessions type:

The swim sessions with focus on the right technique and taking time to rest in between sets.

The bike tours in the mountains were really great – I liked the hill reps with low cadence a new approach for me.

Number 1 fact learnt from our coaching:

Biggest insight was to understand the concept of Triathlon as a whole as well as the approach of low heart rate training with increasing resistance which is a great way to improve endurance and feels great. For example low cadence, big gear on the bike. Also the swim got a lot easier for me – I can now focus on a simple correct stroke approach and have no more struggle breathing!


Thank you so much Martin and Matt for a great triathlon camp. As I started to use your coaching services I think the camp was only the beginning of our cooperation.