You are not a Swiss watch

October 7th 2019

By Matt Hill
Categories: Athlete Resources

You are not a Swiss watch

Podcast by Matt Dixon

This week we are referring you back to Matt Dixon. This time he discusses the dangerous fine line between being driven and obsessed / you are not a Swiss watch. This is a topic we cover regularly; we make your training sessions specific to you, to manipulate training sessions to get the best out of your body with your other life commitments. We also modify sessions when things cannot progress as originally intended, being flexible and adaptable. This is OK to do; it is the most effective way to progress. We change the session content so you can maintain the consistency of the weekly layout.

Remember, even for pro’s:

  • there is no perfect and specific training plan – we (you and us) have to communicate and modify the sessions to your daily / weekly stresses
  • there are no clear-cut answers to performances in triathlon. When racing there are so many variables influencing the outcome, similarly, your life presents many more variables on training outcome
  • science / technology does NOT hold answers to outcomes – science and technology are limited and fixed in the data they collect and assess – they can only assume that everything is linear and constant, without interference from the variables in life
  • more is not better – focusing more time on a weakness, running for example, will not necessarily boost run, or triathlon, performance
  • diverging and looking for alternative routes to success – basically, not committing, LONG-TERM, to an approach and building consistency. Other coaches and approaches do not hold the secret – the best coaches in the sport will only expect the same as we do – commitment and long-term consistency – anyone promising faster results are (simply) lying!