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Swim Video Analysis


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Swim Video Analysis


Swim Video Analysis

To improve your swimming performance you need to focus on what is really important.

Our triathlon / open water specific feedback will provide you with this focus. From a short piece of video footage, we will assess your stroke and provide advice that will progress your triathlon, open water and swimrun performance.

We will indicate how you can be more efficient by focussing on things that will make a big difference, there will be no traditional “swimming” drills as you are not a competitive pool swimmer.

Individuality and “drills”

If you are familiar with our approach, you know we will provide simple pointers that not only suit your individual body but are appropriate to the sport you are training for.

When we assess your footage, we will soon recognise how your body works and moves. From this we will be able to provide specific tips, or “drills” that are appropriate to your body. These will be simple, whole movement practices that you can repeat every length of every swim.

Our swim training plans will complement this assessment if you are looking for some triathlon swim sessions.

Video requirement:

Two to three videos of you swimming:

  1. filmed directly from the side and of both left and right side
  2. filmed with you swimming directly towards the camera
  3. BONUS angle; an underwater recording of you swimming towards the camera

Most smartphones are more than adequate or any digital / action camera. We will arrange for the videos to be emails across to us, to prevent the files from being compressed and the quality reduced (alternative sharing methods can be used if you provide us with links).

Be excited and confident that you can improve your swimming.