Self belief and the next step

July 8th 2019

By Matt Hill
Categories: Athlete Resources

Self belief and the next step

Podcast by Daniela Ryf

Another podcast to listen to! This one has a YouTube video of the same interview, for those that like to watch as well as listen.

This week we want to you listen to the highs AND lows of a pro triathlete’s career. She is now, without a doubt, the worlds strongest and most successful middle to long distance triathletes but hasn’t always had a smooth relationship with the sport.

Daniela Ryf narrates her history, touches on her low points (in triathlon) and then her re-found focus and self-belief which lead to the person she is today.



Note how she wasn’t always destined to be a long-distance athletes, originally focusing on Olympic distance? Yet, with some encouragement and then taking the plunge, she discovered how stepping outside the (short distance) comfort zone / the norm, lead to great things.

The message is the same for everyone – sometimes we have highs and lows in life and training (needing to assess and plot new routes) and stepping outside of comfort zones can yield surprising results!

We hope you enjoy this week’s insight to a pro’s journey to success.