Coaches Martin and Matt are highly trained and experienced in advanced swim video analysis techniques using the latest technology to help swimmers of all abilities.  If you feel you have reached a plateau with your swimming and struggle to make advances, a video analysis will take you to the next level by identifying the key areas for you to focus on. Not only will the session identify these areas but Martin or Matt will coach you through the appropriate techniques so that you know what and, just as importantly, how to perform them.

All you will need is to provide us with a downloaded video of yourself swimming from all angles (above, below and front on) to capture your stroke.

The whole analysis is recorded – including voice – this will be saved into a Dropbox folder for you to download and view at your leisure.

You will also receive a series of six swim sessions that will be developed to help you address the points identified in the analysis – with links to our YouTube channel for specific drills where necessary.