What Our Coached Athletes Have To Say

We want to get to know each of our athletes as individuals, and the fact that majority of on online athletes are attendees of our past camps illustrates the kind of bond we look to establish!

We want to find out who our athletes really are, what they are aiming to achieve, what their life looks like in terms of family, work and lifestyle so we can provide a realistic, functional, enjoyable and inspirational programme that keeps the athlete progressing and raring to advance to the next session.

Ernst Z'berg (Switzerland)

Ernst is an experienced Ironman, has numerous Ironman events under his belt (competing all over Europe) and is eagerly training for more.

Ernst has visited us twice over the last two years both times for a swim camp; we provide Ernst with swim coaching and it is great to see that he continually progresses – taking minutes off his Ironman swim times!

Ernst's Journey

Jeni Warden (Scotland)

After competing in her first novice triathlon in May 2015, Jeni came to visit us for a Triathlon camp in April 2016 after which we provided her triathlon coaching; Jeni returned for a swim camp in 2017 and has progressed her triathlon adventure to successfully complete an 70.3 IM in 2017 – great development in such a short time!

Jeni enjoys middle distance racing, but entering a full Ironman is beginning to ‘call’ to her…

Jeni's Journey

Monica Wold (Norway)

Monica already had an impressive list of race results before visiting us for an extended swim camp in 2016 and we have been coaching Monica for triathlon for almost a year.

Big improvements to Monica’s swim times helped Monica to take: 2nd place in the Norwegian National Sprint Championships, 3rd place in the Norwegian Standard Distance National Championships and a very creditable 7th in the World Championships in Rotterdam!

Monica's Journey

Lori Dunbar-Smith (Scotland)

Lori’s journey with triathlon has been one that will inspire all!

Having had a brain tumour, she has had to adjust the way she trains and competes. Listening to her initial struggles with tasks such as balancing when riding and comparing them to how she now rides is a real testament to her dedication and determination to continue doing the things she enjoys.

Lori has raised over 30k for charity through competing in triathlon, amazing feats!

Lori's Journey

Dean Bannon (Sweden)

We first met Dean two years ago, at one of our 1-day swim clinics (our second clinic) at Busön, Stockholm.

Dean is a regular competitor of Olympic and 70.3 distance triathlons in Sweden, and asked us to coach him for the 2017 season. Being busy with business travel his training progressed well until illness took hold and effectively stopped training and racing – all is now back on track and we’re looking forward to a smooth and progressive 2018!

Dean's Journey

Lizzy Coombes (UK)

Lizzy started her athletic career as a runner, progressing from shorter runs to the Hope 24 Ultra-Marathon.

Triathlon became the next challenge, and entering her first triathlon with some trepidation, Lizzy went on to some impressive results in her first season of racing. With both swim and bike performances improving, the 2018 race season will be Lizzy’s venture into longer triathlons with a middle distance race planned

Lizzy's Journey

Hannah Ewens (UK)

Hannah first visited us when relatively new to triathlon, having started only 3 years ago, originally starting because she enjoyed each of the separate sports and thought it would be “fun” to combine them!

Over her short triathlon career Hannah has visited us several times and has achieved some great racing results. As well as moving on to the Elite scene in 2017, her highlights include qualification to the ITU Triathlon World Championships in Cozumel in 2016 and Rotterdam in 2017.

Hannah's Journey

Jill Buckenham (Spain)

It was clear from the outset that Jill was a natural sports woman, even though she had never really “dabbled” in any sport until in her 40’s.

On our first meeting, 2 and a half years ago, she had accomplished a selection of first in age groups in trail running – including ultra-distance!

Now she is hooked on triathlon, we aim to guide her to similar feats in this new sport.

Jill's Journey

Ric Elkington (UK)

We have known Ric for a few years now, we first met him in the UK at a triathlon club Martin coached. Since then Martin has coached Ric individually and hosted him here in Spain on a triathlon and swim camp.

Ric is a strong cyclist and had no issue with the local mountain climbs when on the triathlon camp, he also showed no fear and finished the rides with a big smile after whizzing back down!

Ric's Journey

Wladimir Lütschg (Sweden)

Being relatively new to triathlon, Wladimir came to one of our triathlon camps with an open mind and readily accepted and agreed with our approach to triathlon training.

We have now been working together for a couple of months and everything is going in the right direction – and we’re looking forward to 2018 races!

Wladimir's Journey

Barry Harriss (UK)

Both Martin and Matt have known Barry for many years and have watched him develop his triathlon skills and perform at higher and higher levels.

Barry is also a talented badminton player and regularly competes at County level. With communication and SMART planning we have managed to balance training and competing in both sports.

Barry's Journey

Andrii Onyshchenko (Austria)

Andrii, a Team Zoot Europe member, contacted us after we became coaching partners of Zoot Europe earlier this year.

He is a highly dedicated athlete and has just achieved his latest great result – qualification to Kona this year – we see this to be the start of future achievements training with each other!

Andrii's Journey


18th – 21st October 2019 – £459

Our TriEscape Camp is fully inclusive of airport transfers (if arrival and departure within camp dates), all coached sessions, food and accommodation at the 4 Star Bonalba Hotel and FREE bike hire. The small group size camp, along with two coaches ensures you will get the specific coaching you require.


18th - 21st October 2019 – £459

Our TriEscape Camp is fully inclusive of airport transfers (if arrival and departure within camp dates), all coached sessions, food and accommodation at the 4 Star Bonalba Hotel and FREE bike hire. Our camp includes coaching that is specific to you; the small group size with two coaches ensures you will get the coaching you require.