The Camps

Masters of Tri training camps – Triathlon, Swim, and Bike – are all fully coached with the coaching team literally living with you in the Bonalba Hotel. This allows the athletes to have as much access to the coaches and their knowledge as needed.

Our coaches will personally:

  • Assess every athlete individually
  • Advise every athlete individually and ensure that each athlete
  • Accelerates in their performance as the training camp progresses

Every session throughout the whole camp is coached! Each athlete receives plenty of individual attention and advise, even on the little things. The layout and content will be both physically and mentally challenging, but in the relaxed environment of the hotel and Spanish countryside.

We believe that every athlete is an individual! We recognise this and coach the individual, accounting for age, gender and ability so that you can work towards achieving your goals.

Our approach to coaching is professional, supportive and friendly. We encourage athletes to understand their body in relation to training and racing by providing coaching and education across each discipline during the training camp.

The Coaching Team

Masters of Tri coaching team, father Martin and son Matt have more than 40 years of coaching experience as well as racing (Matt swimming to National level); and are based in Spain where most of our training camps are delivered.

Whilst on a training camp, Martin and Matt, live alongside you so you have full access to discuss all your training needs – there is no wasted session simply to train!

When not coaching at a camp in Spain, Martin and Matt are busy coaching athletes around the world with their online coaching service or delivering training camps in the UK or elsewhere in the world.

Our approach towards coaching helps each athlete develop their skills; everyone learns and enjoys their stay, as witnessed by multiple returns by many athletes.

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