Low intensity training

June 10th 2019

By Matt Hill
Categories: Athlete Resources

Low intensity training

Podcast by Stephen Seiler, PhD

Keeping our training approach fresh in your minds and with relevant information from well-respected experts in the world of sport we thought it would be good to share relevant podcasts with you all.

Some are presented by coaches in totally different sports / fields of specialisation (featuring running, track and field, powerlifting, etc coaches) but as you can’t escape human physiology and the bodies response to training, stress, nutrition/hydration, etc or psychology they are all relevant.

We hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts while you are training!

The first podcast Polarised training covers a topic you’ll have heard use discuss many times in our blogs (some of you may have heard it already, as we have sent it to one or two of you!) and is why we feature EASY training a lot in your programmes: it explains the importance of low intensity training for building your aerobic capacity as well as your long-term performance.