How thoughts create results

September 9th 2019

By Matt Hill
Categories: Athlete Resources

How thoughts create results

Podcast by the Fat Black podcast

This episode,“How thoughts create results”,

discusses how performance development starts in your mind – not in physical training. It also highlight the importance of appreciating the journey – come whatever may.

Triathlon is a choice.

Whether it’s your recreation activity (hobby) or a profession, triathlon is something you have CHOOSEN to do. If you want to do it, you can. If you don’t want to do it, then you stop – finding a new hobby or a new profession.

Whatever capacity triathlon is to you, only YOU can get the best from it. Whether you are self-coached, coached, recreational, sponsored or paid to train and race, it is you that gets it done.

When you realise this, it should empower you, make you realise that it is something YOU have chosen, and you have the OPPORTUNITY and PRIVILEGE to do it.

You have the time to train – most of the time, or have the power to MAKE time, if you CHOOSE. Yes, work/life alters things from time to time, but for the most part, we all have the ability to choose our time commitments.

You all have the equipment for training and racing. New or old, advanced or old-school, cheap or expensive… if it is safe to use, it will work. You can’t buy speed remember, its earnt!

“All” you need to do is prepare your diary, kit, etc and turn up! Being committed to your training and racing goals.

Whatever the conditions, whatever your mood, whatever the session content, whatever your energy levels – you show up and execute something.

Training makes your stronger; training in bad conditions (rain, wind, hot, cold, etc), indoors in a small pool, on a “boring” turbo or treadmill, or clocking up easy base mile all helps to make you a better athletes and a more robust person. Both the physical and mental aspects are trained every session and race.

The last statement doesn’t mean we have changed our approach – we don’t want you to start beasting yourself every session, if you are tired you adapt – but you show up and do something. Always listen to your body and ease back if needed, but get moving (likewise, allow yourself to push on if you feel great!).

A serious tone in this summary, but hopefully an empowering serious tone. Triathlon is “yours” to do. You shouldn’t be doing it for anyone else and cannot blame anyone else. Your progression is ultimately down to you; accept help where needed, manage your time so you can continue training, and finally, remember it is an opportunity – a privilege – that you have earnt (worked hard for to gain money to pay for it and the time), that others might not be fortunate enough to do (yet or ever).

Remember thoughts creates results!