Competing history:

  • London league AG titles 2015, 16
  • Crystal Palace Club league titles 2015, 16
  • Sprint Distance AG World Championships Cozumel 2016 (F25) 3rd place
  • Elite National Duathlon Championships 2017 7th place
  • Standard Distance AG World Championships Rotterdam 2017 (F25) 11th place

Your future goals:

To improve my times and results in the British Elite Super series races and to become a professional triathlete.

Which camp have you attended:

5 x week-long triathlon camps since my first one in the summer of 2015 and more planned for 2018….

What do you enjoy about our training approach:

It is training for triathlon, not running, cycling and swimming.

Favourite sessions type:

Long bike rides (preferably somewhere warm and mountainous!). Brick sessions are fun, and I like the feeling of running off the bike. I love running and enjoy any session that involves it! Group swims are probably my favourite, and I am growing to love using paddles (never thought I would say that!) and any training session that involves hills!

Number 1 fact learnt from our coaching:

The importance of training your aerobic system by staying in an easy zone (and that easy really means EASY)


My programme is so personalised by Matt to my lifestyle and needs. It helps me to manage my training, nutrition, sleep, work and life! Masters of Tri are so incredibly helpful, supportive and understanding on a personal level, their coaching has created an environment which gives me the confidence that I can reach my potential and enjoy the process along the way!