Competing history:

  • 2005 – 09 & 14 IM Zürich
  • 2010-11, 17 IM Lanzarote
  • 2012 IM Kalmar
  • 2013 IM Nizza & Mallorca
  • 2015 IM Klagenfurt
  • 2016 IM Vichy

Your future goals:
Another LD in 2017, IM Lanzarote 2018 and IM Hawaii/Kona 2018

Which camp have you attended:
2 Long Weekend Swim Camps

What do you enjoy about our training approach:
1 to 1 coaching, theory and praxis combination, mind opener for other things (nutrition, training philosophy and more)

Favourite sessions type – swim, bike or run?:
Swim with technique drill, long distance bike rides and hill repeats for running

Number 1 fact learnt from our coaching:
Build your swim pattern

Don’t try to glide, more frequency in stroke and break the long distance down to small pieces.

But most important:
The fun is back in the swim training!