Develop a recovery mindset

August 26th 2019

By Matt Hill
Categories: Athlete Resources

Develop a recovery mindset

Podcast by Matt Dixon

Following the podcast interview with Mark Allen last week, here is another great review on the same subject by Matt Dixon – Develop a Recovery mindset – do you have the courage?

In this podcast, Matt talks through a couple of case studies – some of the examples may be familiar to you!

You may not think summer is the time to be worrying about recovery with it being warm and generally bright, apologies for those where this is not always the case, as there are so many things to do.

It is mid-season, and you have been training consistently for several months, raced, and fitting in all the summer activities as well, so is often a time when athletes become vulnerable to over-doing things. Summer cold or sniffles anyone?

Recovery can´t be bought by taking supplements, using the latest compression kit, etc as explained and the reason for summer colds, injuries or niggles is that these often mask lack of recovery.

Recovering properly, from work as well as training, is basically about managing your time around all the things you do and recognizing that training is not the be-all and end-all, it is a hobby. Recovery is effectively free – it’s getting more rest (primarily sleep, as Mark Allen mentioned several times), getting your nutrition in place and then being realistic about your training.

If both these podcasts have made you think about yourself and any of the traits of lack of recovery ring true, let us know – don´t carry on and just go through the motions getting tired or colds!

Make sure you develop a recovery mindset!