Biography of an ultrarunner

June 25th 2019

By Matt Hill
Categories: Athlete Resources

Biography of an ultrarunner

Podcast hosted by Davy Crockett

Another podcast to listen to! This time, a biography of an ultrarunner, Yiannis Kouros. This Greek ultrarunner had a great career in the sport of ultrarunning. He dominated the sport – setting 154 world records in “short” ultra’s right through to the crazy long ones – 11days!

Use his career as a demonstration of what the body can do if it is trained correctly and have a strong mind. Although there is very little mention about his training in this episode, it is documented that his longest runs in training were 12km and he never went above 100km per week (unless racing)!

There are some old videos out there, and links below. Have a watch to see the shuffle style run he has perfected to keep his momentum without using excessive energy. Look familiar? The low leg carriage, short fast cadence, limited arm swing and vertical torso…

As a reminder, this is the movement we advocate, not because you are running ultra’s, but because you WILL have tired your body out before you reach the run. The muscles and neuromuscular system have been used prior to the run, so your legs won’t be able to maintain the “classical” track style running.

Adopt a fast, low leg carriage with an efficient torso position to run faster in triathlon!