Competing history:


  • Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim 2016;


  • Tour de Kaernten 2014 (stage cycling race held in Austria);


  • 7th overall in national marathon championship 2016;
  • 15 x marathon finisher with PB 2:32 (Toky2018);


10 x 70.3 and 6 x IM finisher;

  • IM70.3 Budapest 2016;
  • IM70.3 Luxemburg 2016;
  • IM70.3 Pula 2015, 2017;
  • Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2016 held in Australia;
  • IM Austria 2015 –  9:45;
  • Challenge Venice 2016 – 9:47;
  • Challenge Venice 2017 – 9:50;
  • IM Austria 2017 – 9:24;
  • IM Austria 2018 – 9:40;
  • IM Tallin 2018 – 8:50 (1st AG);

Your future goals:

The nearest is to show my best in Kona!

Have you attended any of our camps? Which camp(s) have you attended:

Nope, but definitely will.

What do you enjoy about our training approach:

  • The plan is provided in a very systematic and structured way incl. all possible details about how, when, where and what I should do. No need to think, simply follow the plan!
  • When asking any question I am receiving very clear and extended answer.
  • After delivering my race report I get plenty of questions, advices, suggestions from MoT. Shows that coach is interested in not just delivering the plan, but also whether it works for you.

Favourite sessions type – swim, bike or run? Hill reps, intervals, paddles, treadmill, etc:

Treadmill for running and hill reps in cycling.

Number 1 fact learnt from our coaching:

Swimming, cycling and running are different from triathlon swimming/cycling/running.